“#Project365 #Self”

#Project365 #Self

#Project365 #Self, 2015
Digital photography
iPhone 5s camera, Instagram app

In my attempt to get creative in the midst of the crazy Mondays, not-much-lesser crazy Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays, TGIFs, no sleep-in Saturdays, and church Sundays, I started a 365 project.

There were 2 things I could always count on that I’d have at all times: my phone and my face! So, for my 365 project, I decided that I would take a self portrait each day for a year. I didn’t want my project’s focus to be on how to make a perfectly composed portrait (although that’d be pretty cool). I wanted to explore what made each day’s portrait unique and the reality of how someone probably looks when plopping on the couch after a hard day’s work – tired!

I was never really the type to get on the #selfie wave because I didn’t like being photographed, so this project was quite the push to get outside of my comfort zone. Plus, because it was going to be on Instagram, other people would see it too.

At times, I found myself trying to find the right angle, choose a nice background and pick the right filters and it soon became too much work. So, I decided to leave it up to chance and just shoot. What turns out is an interesting account of that day even when you think you didn’t do anything special. Each photo ends up being unique and I began to finslly be comfortable seeing myself.

Have fun and give it a try. Don’t be afraid of your own face! You’re lovely!

Share links to your #365projects with me in the comments below.

“Popcorn Palette”


Any guesses? If you said Garett’s popcorn in Garret Mix on a cement ground enlarged and pixelated beyond recognition, you would’ve been right.

Below was the original photo taken using my iPhone.


When I say inspiration can come from anywhere, why not start with the ground up. Or from the sky down. Whatever.

To enlarge the photo, I didn’t use anything fancy. I opened up the original photo on Paint, zoomed in, then cropped.

Do it yourself and share your palettes with me @icallthisblog.

Note: This is not a paid endorsement for Garrett’s popcorn.