“Awkward Experiment”


First Car Wash

Awkward Experiment, 2009 – Present
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In 2009, as part of a studio course I took in undergrad, we dealt with seeing art in new ways and one of the topics was digital art. I created a blog called the Awkward Experiment and it was more of a way for me to jot in random, playful and awkward experiences of life with having little to no context and to see how people would respond. I didn’t intend to have much of an audience, but if found, could be something they could scratch their heads or giggle at.

A lot of the time we experience things, pause to process what happened, maybe laugh it off, then move on. But wouldn’t it be neat if we could capture those pauses and keep a note of what made it memorable? What if we didn’t have a camera to capture that time in a photograph?

I had a laptop. When you hit the keys as you type, doesn’t it made a sound? Couldn’t then your laptop be made into an instrument?

If art really can be anything, then can’t we use anything to make anything?

Share your ideas on some outside-the-box tools for making art.