“Art In The Dark: But, How?”

Inside my boot by Richelle Himaya

“Inside My Shoe”, 2015
Digital photograph
iPhone camera

As I logged offline and turned off the lights during this year’s Earth Hour, I sat alone thinking to myself, now what am I going to do? And as the clocked ticked, I asked myself, what if it was always dark, or if there were only glimpses of light, what would I do to be creative?

In the middle of writing my paper last night, a black-out happened. I was out of luck on power with my cellphone battery at 1% and my laptop holding on by a bar. It was late and I decided I’d give up on freaking out on how I’d finish my paper, or how I’d go on Twitter to check if Toronto Hydro had tweeted out any messages of power outages in the area.

I sat in my bed and relaxed. Sometimes art is in the quiet, or in not seeing. Sometimes art is not doing anything.

In art class, we’d focus  on an object and draw or paint it. Classes were usually 3 hours at a time. What was nice about it was that in that time you were able to just  take a break from the  hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Inside my boot by Richelle Himaya

So art in the dark? Why not? Maybe looking at each black-out as an opportunity to just log off is the opportunity to create nothing. Who says you need anything to show to make art.