“Popcorn Palette”


Any guesses? If you said Garett’s popcorn in Garret Mix on a cement ground enlarged and pixelated beyond recognition, you would’ve been right.

Below was the original photo taken using my iPhone.


When I say inspiration can come from anywhere, why not start with the ground up. Or from the sky down. Whatever.

To enlarge the photo, I didn’t use anything fancy. I opened up the original photo on Paint, zoomed in, then cropped.

Do it yourself and share your palettes with me @icallthisblog.

Note: This is not a paid endorsement for Garrett’s popcorn.

“Window Tour”


I looked out a window and just kept looking.

How often do I look at photographs in depth anymore? Not very much.

I decided to go through some old photographs of my trip to Chicago last October and put together the “Window Tour.” In a time when technology has allowed us to capture images faster than we can click, we often don’t see the little things that make each second different. Here’s my way of going back.

Click on the image above to view the entire set.