Icallthisblog | Finding art in the everyday.

Taking the art and the artist off the pedestal and embracing that anything can be art, anyone can be an artist and everyone is a critic. Icallthisblog is about finding art in the everyday, looking to the mundane for creative inspiration. Any preconceived notion of what defines art is put in the recycling bin.

Richelle H., Blogger, Artist
I went to university to study art history and studio practices, and exhibited in galleries throughout Toronto. After 6 years, I took a break to explore interests outside of the art world, which then led me to a 9-5 desk job managing the amazing world of social media. Icallthisblog is where those two paths meet, shake hands and become #bffs (formerly known as best friends forever).

Be Kind Online
Icallthisblog is intended to be a safe place for ideas and creativity to grow and flourish. We don’t all have to agree, but we all have to respect one another. Mentions do not reflect an endorsement. All artwork and photographs are original and owned by me. If you wish to use them, please email me at icallthisblog@gmail.com.