“3 Tips: Easy Sketchbook”

Just near the end of last year, I finally mustered up to fork out the cash to get a sketchbook from The Sketchbook Project. My dreams of finally being able to exhibit again, even if it wasn’t in a gallery, would somewhat be fulfilled as it traveled across the U.S. and perhaps be chosen to be looked at out of the thousands of other sketchbooks in the library.

The pressure was on. What would I put in it? It was going to be digitized and people would be able to see it. What if it looked…well…bad!

And so the only reasonable solution was to of course, procrastinate until 3 days before the deadline to mail it back to Brooklyn, NY. Not to mention, by the time I finally realized that my $70 would go to waste if I didn’t fill up the pages pronto and mail it out however means necessary was on a weekend and the earliest mailout would be 2 days before the deadline!

I spent a minute going back to my old ways and began to over think what I’d fill the pages up with again and then I told myself to quit it! Time is literally money!

So here are some tips to fill up a sketchbook if ever you’re in the situation where you need to fill up a $70 sketchbook and mail it out to Brooklyn in time for it’s American tour:

1. Cut paper. Do it and repeat it. Stick it and move on! Patterns are very contemporary!

Sketchbook Project - Tabs by Richelle Himaya

2. Draw a box and some lines. Voila! You got yourself an abstract composition.

Sketchbook Project - Fishing by Richelle Himaya

3. Sketch a face. The roughness of the lines adds to the emotion of the person in the portrait.

Sketchbook Project -self portrait by richelle himaya

There you go. 3 easy tips to get any sketchbook done. No fuss about it! Look out for my sketchbook online. Search: Richelle Himaya. It’ll probably take another 3 months.

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