“Time to Settle Down”

Sundays are for church for me and my family, and on occasion, we have a Tagalog bible study in the church’s hall (everyone is welcomed).

So after service, we head down for lunch and the person leading the bible study prepares their notes. My sister usually plays the piano at the beginning and end of class.

Between the time people begin to finish their lunch and the announcement to settle down for the start of the study, is the humming of people’s conversations and the piano being practiced on.

I could hear the voices and pick up certain words, but I wasn’t really listening to what people were saying. And oddly enough, I didn’t feel an urge to tune in. It was just sound. But I did find the sound interesting.

I was able to take a recording of what I could hear. Can you pick out the different voices and accents? Can you pick out the different words? Does any of it make sense to you?

I call this “Time to Settle Down”.

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