“People and Koi”

Chicago road trip playlist: The Immaculate Collection

Last October, 2014, my friends and I went on a road trip to Chicago, Illinois. It was a much needed break for all of us and the perfect time to go just before the winter hit. The trip was going to be my first time to Chicago and my first road trip to the States.

But during our trip, there were times when even I felt we were running from one place to another. And the pic below was just one of many attempts to slow down and capture the hustle and bustle through the city.


One of our stops was at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, which was where the footage of “People and Koi” came from. It captures the movement of people, koi, water and sound all simultaneously in motion, yet following a natural flow that can only fully be observed slowed down.

By allotting time to slow down, even for just a full minute, I was able to appreciate better what was around me. When it comes down to it, it took me a couple vacation days, an 8-hour road trip and running around Chicago to slow down and enjoy seeing people walk down stairs and look at fish swim in an indoor pond.

I’m now just taking the time to be present wherever it is.

I call this “People and Koi”.

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